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24 Feb Assistant Manager

The Associate/Assistant Store Manager is primarily responsible to work with the Store Manager to achieve Sales and Profits. The Associate/Assistant Store Manager shall be responsible for the coverage of the store during operating hours. The Associate/Assistant Store Manager shall assist the Store Manager in managing and coordinating the operations of the store. The Associate/Assistant Store Manager shall have general knowledge on all aspects of the store’s operations.

General Requirements

  • Ability to understand, communicates, and follows instructions.
  • Ability to prioritize work and projects.
  • Has a good memory, and is accurate and detailed in all facets of the store’s operation.

Leadership, Training and Staff Development

  • Supports a positive attitude toward Company policies.
  • Take initiative on projects and self-reliant
  • Gives credit to others for understanding performance.
  • Embraces change and works with a sense of urgency.
  • Commits to training standards that yield improved store operations.
  • Assists the Store manager in training and developing Associates and management.
  • Has a good knowledge of the Company’s benefits.


  • Primary communication is with the Store Manager
  • Timely communication of problems to the appropriate departments.
  • Encourage an open door policy.
  • Gives feedback to Buyers on customer’s needs and wants.
  • Communicates and enforces of all Company policies and procedures.
  • Effective use of the Blue Book in communicating, sales, quotas, ASPC, assignments, duties, deadlines etc.

Customer Service

  • Required to be on the sales floor majority of the time to monitor and control the sales floor.
  • Promotes and displays a high quality customer service.
  • Helps to resolve customer complaints and problems.
  • Process refunds and exchanges.
  • Trains and monitors all associates on excellent customer service fundamentals.


  • Accountable for the safeguarding of store’s assets through loss prevention and shrinkage control measures. This includes securing daily deposits, balancing sales, and strict controls of audit functions, petty cash, cash shortages, damages, claims, transfer and theft.
  • Well versed on what is the Company’s “Ready for Business” standards.
  • Assists in keeping the warehouse orderly and organized
  • Assists the Store Manager in monitoring and controlling expense, especially salary cost controls.
  • Handles and controls voids, returns, refunds, exchanges, damages, trash control.
  • Maintain positive vendor relationship
  • Ability to make sales and profit projections
  • Maintain a safe and secure work and shopping environment
  • Have a good knowledge of internal and shrink controls.
  • Trains, monitors and enforces shrinkage control procedures in receiving, scanning, and shrinkage both internal and external.
  • Makes good decisions on inventory controls regarding stock control cards, deals, ordering, pricing, out of stocks, interstore transfers, invoices, price changes, claim procedures, overbought conditions, dead stock merchandise, and new product controls.
  • Good knowledge on quality controls.
  • Helps the Store Manager in maintaining a safe working and shopping environment.


  • Maintain good morale by treating everyone with respect and dignity.
  • Good knowledge of Kronos and accurate record keeping
  • Maintaining a positive store environment that is free of harassment and discrimination.
  • Assist Store Manager in timely counseling and documentation
  • Delegate work load to Associate in an appropriate and effective manner.


  • Maintains a high standard that reflects the Company’s image. Interior and Exterior – clean, well-lit, proper signage, priced, stocked, and always ready for business.
  • Follow memos, schematics work with Store Manager, Buyers, Merchandisers, and District Manager to improve the store sales.
  • Good knowledge in utilizing the monthly POS Reports, store map, SCC and handheld device to monitor items sales in order to make sound merchandising decisions.

Legal Compliance

  • Knowledge of State and Federal employment laws
  • Knowledge of liquor and tobacco regulations – no sales to minor
  • Knowledge of ADA.
  • Knowledge of shoplifting apprehension and detention laws and procedures.
  • Knowledgeable on Employee Handbook Policies and Procedures.

Personal Characteristics

  • Retail literate. Has strong knowledge of retail. Has a good feel for the business.
  • Conceptual skills. Has the capacity to think systematically, logically, creatively, and rationally.
  • Has the ability to recognize good merchandising and good people.
  • Judgment. Makes good decisions with imperfect data.
  • High energy level performs multi-faceted projects in day-to-day activities.
  • Strong interpersonal skills, ability to work with diverse personalities, tactful, mature, and flexible.
  • Good communications skills – written and verbal.
  • Participated management style, team player, disinterested in internal politics.
  • Assertive and persuasive.
  • High standards of moral and ethical conduct.

Budgeting and Planning

  • Assists Store Manager in formulating annual sales, expenses, and profit goals.
  • Ability and knowledge to analyze the Operating and Profit and Loss Statements in order to make better decisions that will affect future Sales and Profits.
  • Assists Store Manager in forecasting salary costs, scheduling and staffing in relation to sales.
  • Knowledge in planning inventory levels and monitoring weekly/monthly purchases.

Physical Requirements

  • Has sufficient visual acuity to check identification, check cash register receipts, and process money/charge card transactions.
  • Be able to read instructions to operate electronic cash registers and other equipment.
  • Be able to lift up to 30 lbs, carry cases of milk cartons, soft drinks, beer, bottled water, and juice containers.
  • Be able to stock shelves and coolers.
  • Be able to react to a fire by lifting a fire extinguisher weighing 15 lbs and moving it to the fire.
  • Be able to tolerate exposure to road dust, house dust, gasoline fumes (for stores with gasoline pumps) and cleaning
  • Be able to sweep and mop floors, dust shelves, and lift and carry out trash containers to an outside trash bin.
  • Be able to clean the parking lot and ground surrounding the store.
  • Be able to work at a temperature of 40 degrees up to 5 minute at a time.
  • Be able to differentiate color and small detail differences in items that may look similar.
  • Be able to respond promptly to any call from the alarm company in the case of an emergency while the store is closed.
  • Be able to qualify for CPR certification as required by OSHA, and be able to render first aid during an emergency in life threatening situations.

The listed requirements and responsibilities are not exhaustive, but is merely the most accurate list for the current job. The Company reserves the right to revise the job description and to require that other tasks be performed when the requirements of the job changes.

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