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24 Feb Sales Associate

Job Title: Sales Associate
Reports to: Assistant Manager
FLSA Status: Non-Exempt

Every full-time, regular part-time, or part-time sales associate is responsible for the proper and efficient operation of his or her shift, within company policy and under the direction of store management and/or company executives, in such a manner as to ensure the increased profitability of the company. The term “sales associate” applies to all store associates (full, regular, and part-time) except “customer service associates”, “service coordinator”, and store management.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Gives all customers prompt and courteous service.
  • Is product knowledgeable and offers recommendations to customers when appropriate.
  • Knows the different attractions of the general area. Information such as: bus schedules, hula shows, special activities, etc.
  • Performs specific tasks as assigned by Store Management.
  • Assists Store Management in maintaining a ready-for-business store appearance at all times.
  • Follows the work schedule as posted, unless a change in schedule is arranged with the Store Manager.
  • Is familiar with and periodically reviews the Employee Handbook, Training Manuals, Checkout Manual, and Master Work board.
  • Follows all procedures and regulations concerning all aspects of merchandise handling and cash handling as outlined in the Company’s Training Manuals.
  • Operates shift within Company guidelines to achieve sales and profits.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities required

  • Rings all sales as discussed in the Checkout Manual and Training Manuals.
  • Properly utilizes Form 69.
  • Accurately posts price changes, markups and markdowns, store use of merchandise, damage and rejected merchandise, lost sale reports, want books, employee purchase forms, and photo works, within established company guidelines.
  • Completes all necessary receiving forms (vendor check-in) within established company guidelines.
  • Completes incoming invoices with cost codes and retail prices from stock control cards.


  • Advises Store Manger of any personnel situations or policy violations having an adverse effect on store operating performance.
  • Refer all inquiries concerning past or present employees to the Human Resource Department.
  • Is always safety conscious. Prevent accidents by reminding and informing fellow associates of any existing or potential safety hazard. Reports all safety concerns to the Store Manager.


  • Share the responsibility for controlling the inventory in the store.
  • Follows company policy with regard to excessive cash in registers (pull guidelines) and as directed by the Store Manager.
  • Follows correct receiving and vendor check-in procedure as defined in the Training Manuals and as directed by Store Management.
  • Protects company assets at all times.


  • Keeps coolers, soda bins, store shelves, and displays fully stocked and fronted at all times.
  • Properly cleans and maintains equipment and prepares products such as coffee, fountain drinks, deli foods, etc., as directed by Store Management.


  • Keeps store floors clean at all times, with specific responsibility being assigned by Store Management.
  • Keeps sidewalk and entrance of store clean and inviting.
  • Cleans floor mats and ashtrays as directed by Store Management.
  • Wipe down refrigerator, freezer, and ice cream boxes daily.
  • Clears aisles on selling floor of boxes and merchandise.
  • Cleans windows, floors, shelving, counters, refrigeration, and gas pumps to ensure they remain clean at all times.
  • Immediately advises Store Manager of any maintenance problems.

The requirements for the job are:
Note: These factors constitute “essential functions” of the job.

  • Be able to read, understand, speak, and write the English language.
  • Be able to perform arithmetical calculations in order to be able to make change, complete reports, and account for numbers of a variety of products during vendor check-in as past of the merchandise receiving procedure.
  • Have sufficient visual acuity to check identification, check cash register receipts, and process money transactions.
  • Be able to read and understand instructions for operating electronic cash registers and other equipment.
  • Be able to continuously stand for long periods at a time.
  • Be able to repetitively bend, squat, lift, push, pull and carry up to 30 pounds, cases of milk cartons, soft drinks, beer, juice containers, etc.
  • Be able to repetitively stock shelves and coolers.
  • Be able to react to fire by lifting a fire extinguisher weighing 15 pounds and moving it to the fire area.
  • Be able to tolerate exposure to road dust, house dust, gasoline fumes (stores with gasoline pumps), and cleaning products.
  • Be able to climb up and down a ladder, clean windows, reach for merchandise, and stock overhead displays repetitively.
  • Be able to repetitively sweep and mop floors, dust shelves, lift and carry out trash containers into an outside bin.
  • Be able to clean the parking lot and grounds surrounding the store.
  • Be able to enter and work in a cooler at a temperature of 40 degrees up to 5 minutes at a time.
  • Be able to differentiate among similar appearing merchandise (color differences and small details).
  • Be able to observe the customer flow in the store (incoming and outgoing customer traffic).

This list of Requirements, Duties, and Responsibilities is not exhaustive but is merely the most accurate list for the current job. Management reserves the right to revise the job description and to require that other tasks be performed when the circumstances of the job change (for example, emergencies, changes in personnel, workload, or technical development).


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