Position title
Sous Chef

The Sous Chef is responsible for all food production in the restaurant. In the absence of the Executive Chef and Chef De Cuisine, the Sous Chef will assume all responsibilities of the kitchen. They will support and execute menus, food purchase specifications and recipes and supervise all kitchen hourly staff.

  • Successfully represent the culinary vision set forth by the Executive Chef.
  • Utilize a certain degree of creativity and latitude in all situations and events (ability to think on your feet).
  • Ensure proper opening, transition and closing of shifts.
  • Perform any and all related duties as assigned by the Executive Chef or Chef de Cuisine.
  • Menu Planning and Execution - Assist in all venues.
  • Ordering - Support all ordering of food and non-food products essential to kitchen operations.
  • Maintain FIFO and insure all products are properly labeled and stored.
  • Product Receiving - Ensure that all deliveries are properly received and invoices are scanned and processed daily.
  • Payroll - Monitor and report cooks' daily attendance and punctuality.
  • Conduct daily inventory prior to any ordering.
  • Provide resources and controls to minimize food waste and theft.
  • Assist in inventory controls, pars, and ordering to stay within budget parameters.
  • Track sales revenue for food and total sales; track velocity of menu items.
  • Possess knowledge of accounting protocols.
  • Execute all daily production lists.
  • Supervise and train employees in techniques of cooking, preparation, plate presentation, portion and cost control, and housekeeping.
  • Maintain housekeeping standards and create weekly cleaning duties to maintain cleanliness of all equipment and work areas.
  • Ensure proper maintenance of all equipment as well as the correct operation.
  • Ensure the proper safety and sanitation in all kitchen areas.
  • Respond efficiently and effectively to customer complaints and staff issues.
  • Minimum of 2 years kitchen management experience in the capacity of Sous Chef or higher required.
  • Degree or certificate from an accredited culinary institution preferred.
  • Maintain a calm demeanor during peak periods or special events throughout the shift to keep the restaurant operating at a high standard.
  • Ability to learn and retain quickly.
  • Ability to perform and complete oral and/or written instructions on a consistent basis. Ask questions if clarification is needed.
  • Ability to work well (strong interpersonal skills) with others; build good working relationships to promote TEAMWORK.
Employment Type
Full-time, Part-time
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Date posted
July 22, 2021
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Position: Sous Chef

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